How to plan vacation in Essaouira from Marrakech

Trip to Atlantic port of Essaouira, one day, from Marrakech by air-conditioned vehicle. About the rouat we see Argan cooperative. Our guide gives you a tour of the town. The tour includes tradition and history. Essaouira has long lovely sandy shores. It's not dangerous to swim nearly as good as surfing. You will find many activities occurring on this particular fantastic city. The shore owners offer camel rides and quads on the coastline.

Depart Tangier for the enchanting mountain hamlet of Chefchaouen, passing through the green valleys of the Rif Mountains. Chefchaouen is famous because of its vivid blue rinsed houses and is really popular for both Moroccans and tourists, particularly in the hot summer months. Investigate Chefchaouen, using narrow streets and its winding lanes which are home to numerous souks offering cuisine and artisan works, including woollen items, intricate embroidery, and goats cheese; all native to the North and not located anywhere else. Relax in the square, visit an area farm or hike in nearby parks.

Essaouira day trip from Marrakech





Everyone looked after us well over and beyond. The guesthouse we stayed at the very first night was great as well as the food was really great too. Our guides did the job that is best and they were very fun also! We loved tajine, the fresh salads, soups and the food was astounding. Every meal was really good! Many thanks for helping this tour is organised by us in making our trip so brilliant, and thanks to everyone involved!

The Moroccan is making a concerted attempt to train individuals about the surroundings. That is plenty of litter in Morocco and it is a slow procedure supporting visitors to alter customs and to become more environmentally aware. Plastic bags were banned a year ago and which has made a big difference. When we venture to quite remote shores we bring bags to collect rubbish as you go along.

Famous visitors over the years were Orson Welles, Winston Churchill and Jimi Hendrix. Labelled by some as the Moroccan Woodstock, it's a blend of Reggae, Jazz, Rock and Gnaoua music.

Visit to its particular ramparts and the Port the old Medina and?Scala?. In a local Essaouira eatery you'll eat fresh fish in the Port. You should have the opportunity for making a camel trekking ride on the beach (not included).

To whoever seeks a genuine Moroccan experience its doors open. Our guests will love seeing the sun rise from behind the snowcapped Atlas Mountains or witness it set in the desert dunes beyond. It's the right hideaway for couples, the ideal holiday for families, a place for groups of a state-of-the-art space for corporate meetings, special occasions and parties and friends to unite.

For the walking was Marrakech, who as your guide indicated wasn't overly talkative, suited us perfectly, the guide organised. We then plan for the 2nd day and could decide where to go about the 1st day. A fantastic induction into the foothills. My husband is thinking of returning in the next year to maybe climb Mt Toubkal. The picnic lunch was excellent with wonderful mint tea provided. We didn't want 1/3 of the food supplied.

Though we did discover a pothole of bike consuming proportions which someone had been good enough to stick on a tree branch into the visit to Kaolack was uneventful. This road deteriorates some miles outside Kaolack and begins well. Survey teams are working it along at the minute, in advance of a fresh road being constructed. We also found in Kaolack that the challenging Tambacounda to Kaolack road is also being reconstructed.

눉This time it was the lack of interest of the staff concerning the guests. When you eat the breakfast in this amazing little >palacelove it. When they let a guest include a towel around his waste to eat breakfast, the ambiance ( at least for us) is absolutely spoiled. And if you have bunch of families with crying kids around - the same thing. The luxury peaceful paradise, that you pay lots of money for, is gone, Only another resort that was standard. I am not certain we shall visit anymore.

It really is one of the earliest Moroccan cities, formerly named Mogador. UNESCO lists the old Medina of Essaouira as a world heritage site, It is famous for its Gnaoua music festival every year a Day excursion to Essaouira makes about staying more in this friendly, relaxing medieval town, the visitor think.

The tour would include a trip to Ait benhaddou, the rock formations at Todra and Dades Gorge and a special Ksar see en-route to Merzouga. The Dades valley is stunning place of fortified palaces, stone formations and a glorious valley of wheat, fruit and silver birch trees. The Skoura palmearie nestles close to the Atlas mountains. A huge area of palm groves harbours Kasbahs that are crumbling and narrow paths. Needless to say the highlight is a camel trek to the Sahara staying in a desert camp. The cost for the tour is £650/8000DH/ based on two people travelling, staying in ensuite lodging in good hotels, including meals(desert night is contained). The hotels have excellent food. The tour automobile would be a Toyota 4×4.

Guide - Marrakech (we inquired Marrakech how we would allow you to understand who our guide was, as there are many Marrakech's in the mountains... he told us to mention.. Marrakech.. From your army... so I am hoping this description finds him back!)We ADORED Marrakech !!! He knew just the best way to push on us to our limits, although not over strain us while hiking the demanding terrain. We loved learning about the mountain way of day and were totally taken back when he discussed some of his own private family narratives with us and humbled.

The remaining trip Chez Momo was great and lovely food, but we did not actually want to just hang around by the pool after the preceding days' trekking. Hence we called Mohamad and arranged the trip up. click here It was nice that we had the ability to do that and pay after. I think Chez Momo's not on your normal itineraries. When it is, a couple suggestions about things to do in the location may have helped - even just how to walk down to the village and everywhere to see in it.

My friend and that I had the good fortune to assist Marrakech on a 2 week trip through Morocco. I can not say enough to praise Marrakech! His familiarity with the nation is great! He's polite and kind...his English is fantastic so that was so useful in communication. For women traveling, I believed Marrakech was that security blanket that's indeed good to travel in places so not the same as the U.S. I might highly recommend Marrakech and his business and aspire to use them again on a future visit to Morocco .

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